Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nanny Comes to Visit!

Nanny came to visit us all the way from Key West! She drove up on Wednesday afternoon and stayed all weekend which was so nice :) She of course wanted to watch Jackson while she was here, so he stayed home with her on Thursday Friday instead of going to day care.. He just loved spending some time with her! He was a little grumpy with all his new teeth coming in, but I think they had fun none-the less.. They went to the pool, took naps, went for walks and Nanny even taught him out to bang on the pots and pans as if they were drums (thanks Nanny.. lol) It was so nice having her around to help for a few days, I wish she didst live so far away! Friday night Kristin also came into town from Ft. Lauderdale to visit. We went to Olive Garden for dinner, which was delicious as always, Jackson had his first taste of a breadstick and absolutely loved it! Saturday we hung out by the pool and went for a boat ride over at Doris and Charlies. We even got Nanny and Grammy to go on the tube! Sunday was a lazy day, we went to church and lunch, took Jackson home for a nap and Nanny and I went to the Towne Center to do a little shopping :) Unfortunately, Monday rolled around and they all had to leave and we had to go back to work :( At least we had a great weekend together!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Month Full of Firsts!

Jackson’s 7th month has been quite a big month of firsts! He has learned how to army crawl, go from laying down on his belly to sitting up and back down again, he got his first tooth, starting sleeping in his own room, tried real food, attempted to drink out of a sippy cup, learned how to hold his bottle all by himself, pull himself from sitting to standing on the ottoman, and took a bath in the big bath tub!

First time using a sippy cup!

 Spending the night in my room for the first time!

 I can pull myself up on things now!

Loving the big bath tub!

A Mouth Full of Teeth!

It has been one week since Jackson got his first tooth on the top right of his mouth! Since then his bottom two have appeared! Three teeth in less than a week! Phew! Last night Jackson let us know that he was feeling the pain L He was pretty grumpy, poor little guy just wanted to be held. Anytime he was put down on the floor he just cried and cried. Finally some Tylenol and baby orajel did the trick. Low and behold I look in this mouth this morning and the two bottoms had cut through!