Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trip to Atlanta- New Years Eve and Chil fila bowl-

For Christmas this year Jackson and I got Hunter a ticket to the Chik-fil-a bowl game where FSU would be playing! It worked out perfect since we have friends in Atlanta and a bunch of our tailgating buddies were going to the game also! Hunter had to work and then Tennessee was playing their bowl game so we decided to leave after the game was over.. Little did we know the game would go into overtime and we would end up leaving for Atlanta at 11pm! Hunter drove the whole way while Jackson and I slept ( he is too good to us) we finally got there around 4:30am.. What a long night! The next morning we got up went to breakfast with Elyssa and then got ready to go tailgating. We dressed Jackson up in his FSU gear and headed over to the Georgia dome where we tailgated. We stayed out there for a few hours before it got to chilly for Jackson! Jackson and I left and went back to Reid and Elyssa’s where we watched the game in the warmth! We went to bed early but made sure to wake up and kiss my little guy at midnight J Hunter had a great time at the game.. and FSU won which was even better!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

First Christmas and Meeting Uncle Thomas!

Jackson has a pretty great Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to church where Jackson got to sit in the big church with us for the first time. He loved the music and the bright colors! After church we had a great dinner and opened presents! We all went to bed early in anticipation of Santa coming the next day! Christmas Morning we all woke up, opened presents then went over to Grammy and Grandaddy’s house for Christmas morning breakfast.. It was so yummy! That afternoon Reid and Elyssa came over to the house to meet Jackson for the first time J We spent the afternoon visiting and playing kinect. Later in the day I began preparing to cook my first Christmas dinner! We had all the fixins’ and Hunter even fried a turkey! Thomas and Katelyn drove up to Jacksonville to have dinner with us and spend a few days. It was so cute to see Jackson with his Uncle Thomas :)
 Christmas Eve.. Waiting for Santa :)

 Christmas Morning!
 Playing with his new toys
 Loving his new Bumbo!
 Meeting Uncle Thomas for the first time!
Elf in Training

Friday, December 17, 2010

And Off We Go Again..

Jackson is quite the little traveler! After only being home from the Keys for a day. We turned right around and hopped on a plane to Michigan for his Great Grandpa’s Christmas party! He did wonderful! This time Hunter, Grammy and Grandaddy were with me so I had some help! So nice when my  arms start to fall asleep while I am holding him! He slept most of the take offs and landings and overall did a great job flying. Once we got to MI we went and saw some of the family staying at Grandpa’s. It was so cold! And boy, was there a lot of snow! We had dinner and starting cooking some of our goodies for the next days festivities. After dinner we headed over to Hunter’s cousin’s house. Jessica was so great for letting us stay at her house! She has a little girl (Leah) who is 10 months. It was so nice not to have to lug all the baby stuff with us! She had it all, what a relief! On Saturday we spent most of the day over at Grandpa’s where there were about 45 relatives! Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids… you name them and they were there! It was so nice to see everyone and Jackson got to meet so many of his extended family. He was a hit.. Everyone just loved him J We had a huge big dinner and afterwards visited with everyone before going back to Jessica's. On Sunday we had left overs for lunch before leaving for the airport. Back to Florida we go
 Just before taking off! He loves airplanes
SO much snow! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Key West!

Jackson took his visit trip to see his Nanny this week! We went down to Key West on Sunday and came back on Wednesday.. We had a great time, although it was to short! Sunday we got picked up at the airport and headed back to Nanny's house.. We hung out for a little bit before going to grab some lunch, the weather was a little cool but still beautiful! After lunch we walked around Duval St and later had dinner at mom's house and played scrabble while Jackson snoozed on the couch.. He found his thumb and was sucking away on it! Hopefully that doesn't become a habit

 Monday we went shopping.. my favorite! We had lunch at a really good seafood restaurant before walking around to all the little shops.. I got a beautiful new Coach diaper bag for Christmas from my mom! I was so excited! That night we had a mini Christmas dinner.. complete with Trifle! Yum!

Tuesday we got up had a lazy morning and then went and had crepes for brunch. The most amazing place ever! So good! After brunch we walked down to the beach where we took some pictures by the water. It was so cold! Not normal Key West weather by any means! After the beach we went to the Butterfly Conservatory which was pretty neat! It essential a huge greenhouse with botanical gardens and hundreds of exotic butterflies flying around. They land on you and everything.. It was beautiful! We couldn't stay long though due to the heat. They keep it 95 degrees! We were dying of heat since we were all bundled up for the cold weather outside. Jackson got quite agitated.. So off we went to do a tour of Key West on the Conch Train. We got to hear all about the history of Key West all the while freezing to death! We had a good time none the less :)

Wednesday we walked down Duval st to mom's work where we had lunch at the Marina.. It was chilly! After lunch we headed back to her house where we packed our stuff up :( so sad! Mom and John took us to the airport where we found out my flight was delayed three hours! Luckily I was able to get on another flight which got my home a little later but not by much! Once back to Jax we were waiting for my luggage when we saw Michel Irvin right next to us. I took a couple pics with my phone without him noticing.. quite stalkerish I know.. lol.. He went to get his bags and on the way stopped and rubbed Jackson's head.. He told us we had a beautiful baby.. I asked to get a picture and he gladly took one with Jackson and Hunter.. He told us Jackson wouldn't be accepted at FSU anymore since he had been kissed my a Hurricane! We will see about that!

Jackson's First Plane Ride!

Jackson took his very first trip on a plane this week! We flew down to Key West to see my mom.. He did so good! Our first flight left Jax at 6:30 so he slept all the way through that one and then our next flight out of Atlanta to key west he slept through half of. He was awake for the landing but didn't fuss at all! He just sucked on his pacifier and was fine! He got a little restless from being cooped up in our seat but other than that I was so glad! He did great on the way back also, same thing, he slept most of the time other than take off and landing on the first flight. I am so proud of my little guy! i was so worried he would be miserable and everyone around us would have to listen to him cry! Thank goodness he was ok! Good thing since we have another trip to Michigan coming up soon!
Taking a snooze while waiting to board our flight..

About to take a nap on our way home.. A seat all to myself!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 Month Dr's Appt and Shots! :(

Today we went to the Dr. for Jackson's 2 month check up and shots. I was so nervous/worried! I hated the idea of inflicting pain on my little guy.. I had heard so many horror stories from other parents after there child had shots! So I went in there expecting the worst! Turns our we have a little trooper on our hands.. He did great! He cried a little bit when he first got poked then quieted right down. I was shocked! I was prepared to start bawling... I think he just wanted to show his mama who the real baby was! Other than the shots, we found out Jackson weighs 12 lbs 10 oz (75% percentile) and is 23 inches long (50% percentile). The Dr was very pleased with his health and how great he was doing.

 Getting checked out by the Dr. He didn't like the cold stethoscope!
 Waiting for the nurse to come back with the shots..

Here we go :(

 Consoling my little guy.. Or was he consoling me?

I'm ok mom! I'm a big boy :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

First Trip to Meet Santa!

Today Jackson got to meet Santa for the first time. We got all dressed up in our Christmas clothes and went to Grammy's office for their Christmas party/carnival. There were face painters, balloon makers, a bounce house, Christmas cookies and best of all Santa! The weather was great, perfect for Christmas festivities!

 My new sling.. Jackson loved it!

 Snug as a bug!

 Outfit #1

Outfit #2.. Outfit #1 didn't last long.. Jackson had a little accident!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jackson's First Smile!

Jackson had is first smile this week! We are so excited! We were beginning to get bummed that it hadn't happen yet.. but then there it was :) Hunter and I were playing with Jackson together and he cracked his first smile! So glad we were both able to be there when it happened. The following day I was able to capture some pictures when he did it again! So cute :)