Saturday, December 10, 2011

Visit to the Urgent care center

Toady this mommy was a nervous wreck again! Jackson and I drove over to Tallahassee for Michelle’s Bridal shower, when half way there, Jackson started to cough and had a little bit of wheezing. I gave him some medicine and hoped it would clear up.. Well the next morning he could barely breath he was wheezing so bad. Unfortunately, I did not have the nebulizer with us (that will never happen again) this might have been a different story had we had it. I finally decided it was time to take J to the Urgent care center. There was a 3 hour wait! However, after the nurse saw the state he was in (laying lifeless in my arms struggling to breath) they saw us right away. After 2 steroid breathing treatments and xrays, J was sounding much better his oxygen levels were still low, but way better than they were when we first came in. Thanks goodness!

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