Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jackson's First Plane Ride!

Jackson took his very first trip on a plane this week! We flew down to Key West to see my mom.. He did so good! Our first flight left Jax at 6:30 so he slept all the way through that one and then our next flight out of Atlanta to key west he slept through half of. He was awake for the landing but didn't fuss at all! He just sucked on his pacifier and was fine! He got a little restless from being cooped up in our seat but other than that I was so glad! He did great on the way back also, same thing, he slept most of the time other than take off and landing on the first flight. I am so proud of my little guy! i was so worried he would be miserable and everyone around us would have to listen to him cry! Thank goodness he was ok! Good thing since we have another trip to Michigan coming up soon!
Taking a snooze while waiting to board our flight..

About to take a nap on our way home.. A seat all to myself!

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