Friday, December 17, 2010

And Off We Go Again..

Jackson is quite the little traveler! After only being home from the Keys for a day. We turned right around and hopped on a plane to Michigan for his Great Grandpa’s Christmas party! He did wonderful! This time Hunter, Grammy and Grandaddy were with me so I had some help! So nice when my  arms start to fall asleep while I am holding him! He slept most of the take offs and landings and overall did a great job flying. Once we got to MI we went and saw some of the family staying at Grandpa’s. It was so cold! And boy, was there a lot of snow! We had dinner and starting cooking some of our goodies for the next days festivities. After dinner we headed over to Hunter’s cousin’s house. Jessica was so great for letting us stay at her house! She has a little girl (Leah) who is 10 months. It was so nice not to have to lug all the baby stuff with us! She had it all, what a relief! On Saturday we spent most of the day over at Grandpa’s where there were about 45 relatives! Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandkids… you name them and they were there! It was so nice to see everyone and Jackson got to meet so many of his extended family. He was a hit.. Everyone just loved him J We had a huge big dinner and afterwards visited with everyone before going back to Jessica's. On Sunday we had left overs for lunch before leaving for the airport. Back to Florida we go
 Just before taking off! He loves airplanes
SO much snow! 

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