Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 Month Dr's Appt and Shots! :(

Today we went to the Dr. for Jackson's 2 month check up and shots. I was so nervous/worried! I hated the idea of inflicting pain on my little guy.. I had heard so many horror stories from other parents after there child had shots! So I went in there expecting the worst! Turns our we have a little trooper on our hands.. He did great! He cried a little bit when he first got poked then quieted right down. I was shocked! I was prepared to start bawling... I think he just wanted to show his mama who the real baby was! Other than the shots, we found out Jackson weighs 12 lbs 10 oz (75% percentile) and is 23 inches long (50% percentile). The Dr was very pleased with his health and how great he was doing.

 Getting checked out by the Dr. He didn't like the cold stethoscope!
 Waiting for the nurse to come back with the shots..

Here we go :(

 Consoling my little guy.. Or was he consoling me?

I'm ok mom! I'm a big boy :)

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