Thursday, December 16, 2010

Key West!

Jackson took his visit trip to see his Nanny this week! We went down to Key West on Sunday and came back on Wednesday.. We had a great time, although it was to short! Sunday we got picked up at the airport and headed back to Nanny's house.. We hung out for a little bit before going to grab some lunch, the weather was a little cool but still beautiful! After lunch we walked around Duval St and later had dinner at mom's house and played scrabble while Jackson snoozed on the couch.. He found his thumb and was sucking away on it! Hopefully that doesn't become a habit

 Monday we went shopping.. my favorite! We had lunch at a really good seafood restaurant before walking around to all the little shops.. I got a beautiful new Coach diaper bag for Christmas from my mom! I was so excited! That night we had a mini Christmas dinner.. complete with Trifle! Yum!

Tuesday we got up had a lazy morning and then went and had crepes for brunch. The most amazing place ever! So good! After brunch we walked down to the beach where we took some pictures by the water. It was so cold! Not normal Key West weather by any means! After the beach we went to the Butterfly Conservatory which was pretty neat! It essential a huge greenhouse with botanical gardens and hundreds of exotic butterflies flying around. They land on you and everything.. It was beautiful! We couldn't stay long though due to the heat. They keep it 95 degrees! We were dying of heat since we were all bundled up for the cold weather outside. Jackson got quite agitated.. So off we went to do a tour of Key West on the Conch Train. We got to hear all about the history of Key West all the while freezing to death! We had a good time none the less :)

Wednesday we walked down Duval st to mom's work where we had lunch at the Marina.. It was chilly! After lunch we headed back to her house where we packed our stuff up :( so sad! Mom and John took us to the airport where we found out my flight was delayed three hours! Luckily I was able to get on another flight which got my home a little later but not by much! Once back to Jax we were waiting for my luggage when we saw Michel Irvin right next to us. I took a couple pics with my phone without him noticing.. quite stalkerish I know.. lol.. He went to get his bags and on the way stopped and rubbed Jackson's head.. He told us we had a beautiful baby.. I asked to get a picture and he gladly took one with Jackson and Hunter.. He told us Jackson wouldn't be accepted at FSU anymore since he had been kissed my a Hurricane! We will see about that!

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  1. Looks like a fun trip! Glad that you got to spend some time with your Mom :)